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How I Handled Rejection...Actually Got Me Accepted!

I love this article post it is a great read and important lesson:

This blog story took me back a few months ago to a personal experience of mine. Taking rejection well has played a huge role in my life. I once was rejected for a scholarship program I applied for. After being rejected I was disappointed and immediately called my mom crying. But prior to calling my mom, while speaking with the organization, I had respected their decision, asked for feedback, and thanked the organization for their time. Less than FIVE minutes later, the organization called me back, commended my tenacity and then proceeded to accept me into their scholarship program. I will forever be grateful for UNCF and being a part of the UNCF Koch Scholars Program!


Rejection sucks!!! You pour your heart into an application, and then they basically tell you "not good enough." But hey, take the extra few moments to seek for feedback both when you DO and DON'T make the cut.

When accepted: Ask why so you know what you're doing right

When rejected: Ask why to know what to improve on

Whether good news or bad news, it can ALL be constructive. Think "growth mindset." It is one of the best ways to learn from an experience, which helps prepare you for future opportunity. What's the worse that can happen if you ask for feedback: They say no. What's the best that can happen: They might just go back and accept you into the program! Be calm, cool, collected when rejected. You never know where seeking feedback can lead you and if it doesn't hurt to try, go for it!

Look into and there are lots of opportunities. Don't miss out!!