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EY Launch Summer Intern Updates

Ogo at EY Training

Three weeks ago, I packed my bags, left Columbus, Ohio, and moved to New York City for my 2018 summer internship. Starting tomorrow I will begin week 3 of 8, as an EY Launch Summer Intern in their NYC Times Square Office. So much has happened so fast, but that is why I am excited to be in NY this summer. The diverse and fast paced lifestyle here is filled with challenges, opportunities, and most of all fun!

This post will consist of a thread highlighting my internship memories, accomplishments, tips/advice from lessons learned, and much more! The thread will be updated periodically.

Ogo's EY Welcome Packet

Week 1 Wrap-Up:

My first week with EY consisted of training where I met many bright individuals including fellow interns, and EY professionals. Throughout the first ever EY National Leadership Training, I was surrounded by the BEST of the BEST and I was honored to be apart of it all! Major thank you to the outstanding EY family who organized and welcomed us to the 2018 EY Launch Internship Program. I have shared nuggets/takeaways on why I am so excited to LAUNCH my career with EY + advice for other interns, based from my experiences during the 1-week training. Click HERE to read.

Week 2 Wrap-up:

My first official week on the job was awesome! Huge S/O to Mariah, one of my biggest mentors ever since high school, for taking me under her wing and welcoming me to the NYC office. My first rotation is in advisory and it is going great so far. I am working with a risk advisory team and helping with risk control interim testing and database rollforwards.

Ogo at EY Launch Training

On day 3: I attended the Americas African Market Network happy hour social event! I met the co-founders of the the African Market Network: William Thomas and Aristide Toundzi. I also met a variety of EY professionals, some who had been with the firm for 2 years so far, and some longer. Most especially, I connected with Ife Oshikanlu and Ivy Mbayah. Although I haven't known them for long, they already have inspired me to bring my best foot forward at EY, make an impact, and reap the benefits of doing so. They both are very involved with the African network and I look forward to being more involved with the organization throughout my internship.

On day 4: Mariah Scott, Rebecca Desormeaux, + other EY colleagues helped organize the Black Professional Network (BPN) Bowling Social. Joined with other EY professionals and Northeast Launch interns, it was a night full of fun and SOCIAL networking. Now, anyone who knows me knows I rave about the impact of social networking vs. formal networking. When people are relaxed a bit and out of "work mode," they tend to be more willing to engage in conversations above the surface level conversations. It is a great opportunity to connect a little more authentically with others. That is why I was so grateful to be apart of the two networking events. Typically intern socials may be an "end of internship" celebration, but there's immense value in a social being organized early on in an internship program. It allowed us interns to connect with our EY family early on, so that when we head back to the office we now have some points of contacts. These new connections can be a great resource further down the internship should we have any questions or seek guidance. Better yet, interns can add more value, because they now have a better idea of who to potentially reach out to in the firm for additional tasks. The socials were brilliant and well executed.

There was a fire-side chat where a group of interns heard from EY professionals: Molly Johnson, Martell French, & Ife Oshikanlu. They shared their EY journey and encouraged us to be open, be curious, and be coachable.

As I wrapped up my first week with my advisory team, I received great feedback on how to execute more efficiently during week 3 of the internship. Tomorrow is Monday and I am feeling motivated!

Week 2 Advice:

  • When given a task, ask about the WHOLE story. What am I doing? How is it adding value? What is the bigger picture? Understand how your task (big or small) is going to make a difference, and in doing so you will be able to better articulate how you added value come feedback time.

  • When around leadership in the firm ask what "gold standard" means to them. Ask what they think are key attributes of a gold standard. Use those answers and implement them in your behavior as you see fit, and you'll be one step closer to being a successful leader.

  • Follow UP and follow through. If you say you will do something, do it. If you are asked to do something and you commit, do it. If someone tells you to schedule time with them to talk, do it. Follow up. You'll be surprised not many do. This will help you stand out.

Week 3 Wrap-up Pending: