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How 400+ Interns Launched Their Career With EY!

This summer has been unforgettable and there's still time left! It is with excitement that I express how grateful I am to have participated in the first ever EY National Launch Training (NLT)! As soon as we all got word that this year's Launch Internship training would be a NATIONAL one, I knew it was an opportunity to meet and connect with my fellow intern class unlike any other. I started a GroupMe to help us get to know each other, days before we landed in New Jersey for training. ​Sitting in the room with 400+ other EY Launch interns was truly amazing. Scholar students from all walks of life came together to celebrate our achievement of being apart of one of the world's largest public accounting firms, and one of the best professional services firm.

GroupMe screenshot

While we were proud of ourselves, and thankful to be a part of the program, the one week National Training taught many of us a great lesson:

"What got you here, won't keep you here."

Ogo at National Training

We met outstanding leaders with stories that were inspirational, and even some speakers had us emotional. From the various people we heard from, there were many "nuggets" and great advice shared with us about how to be successful as an intern. ​

​The first ever EY National Training was eye opening, read the main takeaways below to find out why:

Dan Black

EY Global Recruiting Leader:

Dan shared his story about how Krazy glue, YES Krazy glue, literally keeps his life and family together. The core of his story was about optimism and having the right attitude. He said, "The greatest weapon against stress, is the power of choice...Be an optimizer; successful people dedicate time to helping others."

Carolyn Slaski

EY Americas Vice Chair - Talent:

Carolyn is a trailblazer. She was the first ever woman partner in the New Jersey office and has been with the firm 30+ years. One of her reasons behind staying with EY so long is because, "there is always something new and harder to do," she said. Carolyn also shared her powerful purpose with us:

"To lead with intention, integrity, and care, so others can be their best and make maximum impact on the working world."

Larry Nash

Americas Director of Recruiting:

Larry shared a message about the importance of "uncomfortable growth." He talked about how his journey while living in Tokyo for 1yr when he was 27, made him uncomfortable, but taught him a lot about himself and the culture there. I asked him about how he navigates and learns from mistakes, to which he jokingly said he didn't make any mistakes. On a serious note, he advised us to realize that we cannot control everything, but we can control being our best and being present. "Stay in the moment," he said.

One of the interns asked a great question about what we should say to those who invalidate our EY internship opportunity, due to the fact it's a minority based program. Both Larry Nash and Ryan Kist reassured us that we were not selected out of the blue. They talked about how we (interns) wouldn't be in our seats if we didn't work hard enough to meet the qualifications and earn our ticket through the door.

Joe Maturando

Director of Campus Recruiting, Northeast Region:

Hours away from home in Ohio, Joe made me feel welcomed to the Northeast region. During training he invited all Northeast interns to the conference room next door, to meet and welcome us. He reminded us how we are special and with hard work we will make it.

Ken Bouyer

Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting:

When Ken came on stage, it got REAL, really fast. As soon as he began sharing his personal background I easily noticed how the room instantly was moved by his story. Starting with EY in 1990, he described his early EY experience as being "a peacock in the land of the penguins." Fast forward to now, as the Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting he has helped stir up important conversations about diversity & inclusion on campuses and in corporate. He has helped pave the way for programs, like Launch, to prosper. There was one HUGE thing he said, that hit me hard.

Growing up, like many of you, I constantly heard the saying "You have to work twice as hard, to be half as good." However, I have learned that may NOT be the best advice. "It's not sustainable to work "twice as hard" ... you will burn out; Work SMARTER."

YES. YES. YES. That was not my first time hearing the "Work SMARTER, not harder" message. However, that was the FIRST time ever I heard someone breakdown why it's not that wise to follow the advice many POC have heard growing up about working twice as hard. This undoubtedly was the BIGGEST takeaway I have learned from any program this entire summer! Thank you for that Ken! It is such an important message. While we are out here trying to level up, burning out is REAL, and once you're burnt out, you can't continue climbing the ladder of success.

6 Habits of Highly Successful Careers:

  1. Be a sponge. Soak in all opportunities to learn.

  2. Build a support team. Who is your personal board of directors?

  3. Find + BE a role model and mentor. Lift as you climb.

  4. Build multiple relationships. Your network is your net worth.

  5. Strive for excellence as a leader.

  6. Have an attitude of gratitude.

5 Key Skills Critical to the Workforce of the Future:

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Learn six sigma (seek continuous improvement)

  3. Data visualization

  4. Excel modeling

  5. Robotics Process Automation (RPA)


Throughout the Welcome to EY National Leadership Training, I was surrounded by the BEST of the BEST and I was honored to be apart of it all! Major thank you to the outstanding EY family who organized and welcomed us to the 1st ever National Launch Training. I look forward to sharing more takeaways from my summer internship as the program progresses! Click HERE for my personal EY intern updates.