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Tables Turned: My Experience Interviewing 9th Graders for a $20,000 Scholarship

Today our team concluded interviews of 9th graders for a $20,000 scholarship program....All I can say is the youth hold so much potential! I quickly realized how difficult interviewing and selecting students for a life changing program truly can be. I must say that a huge take away for me was the importance of looking beyond nervousness, and “Golden” answers in discovering potential in the 9th graders I met.

I now can say that I understand where interviewers come from when they say “It was a really hard decision.” Initially I did not believe it, but now I know such decisions definitely are not easy.

My advice to my peers: As students who frequently experience the interviewing & recruiting process we must recognize the difficulty behind decision making. Moreover, seeking feedback both when we get the answer we want AND when we get the answer we don’t want, helps to put things into perspective on why one is or is not accepted. Perhaps this approach can help identify areas for improvement and encouragement for future endeavors!

Given that finals are around the corner, I wish my peers the best of luck on exams and for the upcoming Spring recruiting season!!

UPDATE: The candidates I vouched for made it into the program!! I am very very excited to be working with such innovative and bright minded students from METRO high school next semester as a Student Program Leader for the Legacy Scholars Program!