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LIFE HACK: The Productivity Project

I am not perfect, I am learning. I am growing. I am improving.

As I reflected on my struggle in my major class, accounting, last semester I noted one major MISTAKE: I was smart enough to search for help, and seek resources while I was struggling, however, I did not strategically select my resources ( I e. going to tutoring vs. actual accounting professor office hours.)

I have experienced the value of office hours by going for other classes. But for accounting, I got stuck in the common misconception of professor unapproachability regarding office hours. I went to an accounting faculty member, but NOT necessarily the right one. The RIGHT one would've been the professor that has been quite essential to my success thus far, but in my head I was not used to coming to her with anything but "good news." Therefore while I was having a tough time, I ended up foolishly ruling her out... when in hindsight she could have helped me more than I could have even imagined.

Coming from high school at the top of my class, my struggle in Calc, Accounting, and Econ in college had me SHOOK. I felt discouraged. I put forth so much time and effort studying accounting, especially being that it is my major. Numerous hours in the tutor room every week, studying with friends, and even tutoring some of my peers in the class, all of that yet the exams blew up in my face. I felt hopeless and failed to understand the game doesn't actually end until the buzzer goes off.

After struggling in some areas last semester, and as I approached the second semester of my 2nd year at THE Ohio State University... I discovered that the difficulty of not spreading myself too thin was evident. While I prioritize my involvements, the real challenge was effective progression. I realized I had a significant need for change. Something had to give, but one thing I knew for sure was that "something" could not and would NOT be my GPA. I already was putting a lot of effort in school but still had to dedicate more and more. I discovered how I faced the "beneficial distractions syndrome," I was doing things that were beneficial for me, but they still were a distraction from focusing on my present task.

My realization and reflection resulted in my decision to build a recovery schedule, and in doing so I signed up to take ESEPSY 1259: A College Motivation and Strategy Course. Now, don't get me wrong...I definitely am not investing all this money and time into college all while being unmotivated, I am motivated. I am a go-getter. However, this class focuses on strategy. I am learning ideas and getting advice that will be applicable in my life four..five..fifteen..forever years down the line.

For our semester course project in the class we were given the option to read several books with topics ranging from time management to studying skills and techniques, and I chose the productivity topic. While each topic we were given is special in its own ways, I figured "productivity" summed up all the topics, and would be the most useful.

Currently, I am reading The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, and I have learned so much already. Two things that have caught my attention are:

“Time is NOT money, productivity is.”


“Busyness does not always equate to productivity.”

I couldn’t agree anymore. To take it a step further... “Productivity does not always equal progress.” Accomplishment is the goal. Learning how to work smarter vs. harder is an incredibly valuable lesson, and there are so many resources, I myself did not even realize, that help teach people how to live their best life! I hope my personal reflection has in some way encouraged another struggling college student, or perhaps a professional, or anyone at that!

Side note: Ironically I am writing this at 4am..but hey, that's why I am reading the book. Lol! #HappyHumpDay

Amazing content Chris Bailey! I look forward to truly benefiting from The Productivity Project, and transforming myself. I refuse to give up. I will continue to work hard, overcome barriers, and achieve my goals, one of many including graduating with distinction.