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Three applicants...3 winners. Why do students miss scholarship opportunities?

I am beyond blessed to be selected as a two-time Crowe Horwath LLP Minority Scholarship Recipient alongside my peers. Yesterday, I wrapped up my 4 month BUSY season audit internship with Crowe Horwath. It has truly been a long semester y’all. But, I have learned more than I could have ever expected. I thank you Crowe for the audit internship opportunity and investing even more into my future through the scholarship program! Thank you to David E. Harrison and Mwelwa Kostrick for encouraging us students to apply for the scholarship opportunity! I am very grateful for all that the Office of Diversity and Inclusion does for me! Thank you Gracie Tijerina for being so supportive of me, and answering the phone when I called overwhelmed from busy season work. Your words of encouragement helped push me through!

On the other note: It is shocking how often students are LAZY about getting free money.

There were only THREE applicants and THREE winners. Yes… You read write… EVERYONE who applied WON. I was a recipient last year so I wanted to give other students the opportunity to apply before I submitted my second application... even after sharing the application with my fellow peers and encouraging others to apply, there still were only THREE applicants. Why do some students complain about “the struggle” but they don’t take the initiative to apply and win scholarships they are MORE than qualified for?! Where’s the disconnect?

I also saw the same happen at a NABA Regional Conference where some scholarship donors even had to be turned away from DONATING their resources, because there were not enough applicants... how does that even happen?

Nonetheless, I will continue sharing opportunities best I can with my peers! As they say... you can drag a horse to the stream but can’t force them to the drink water 🤷🏿‍♀️.

Students: Some opportunities you goose chase and some lay in front of you on a table, where all you have to do is just pick it up. Don’t lock the door on yourself, if it’s not even closed yet! Better yet, don't fear doors of opportunities are locked, without even attempting to open it first!

#TheJourney #SecureThatBag

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