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Blame SPAM, Don't Doubt Yourself!

About two months ago I applied to a program with all the excitement in the world. However, after a rough semester last spring, I was nervous my GPA was not as competitive as I would like, and may hinder my application quality. Nonetheless, I believed my personal brand and story paved the way for me to remain a competitive applicant. After a few weeks went by I was very excited to see many of my accounting peers across the nation posting application updates and acceptances into the 2018 AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop all over LinkedIn! This was around Feb. 20th.

I congratulated my peers. All the while, I kept scrummaging my inbox for my own acceptance letter and it was nowhere to be found. Had I not looked hard enough? Or maybe..I was not good enough?

I felt discouraged because I felt strongly about my application and personal story yet I must not have made the cut. Boy o boy the rejection was hard to swallow. I realized it only meant I had to work harder for next time. But I strongly believe in God's plan because on this FINE Monday morning I got an email from Mackenzie Keel reminding me to "submit my RSVP for the AICPA Workshop; deadline March 16".... and I was LOST. CONFUSED. Maybe even half awake.

I thought: "How can I get an RSVP for something I did not get invited to?? Was the email a mistake?" ABSOLUTELY NOT. I scrolled down to the forwarded portion of them email thread as I read "CONGRATULATIONS...You are invited to the 2018 AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia!"

I nearly woke up my roommate from my joyful reaction, and instantly got teary eyed. But I was still confused!!! Why had I not seen this email earlier when everyone else got their acceptance email??

So I went and checked my spam email..and lo and behold, they sent my congrats email and invite FEBRUARY 20th!!! I could not believe it. But it is true. Spam folders are DANGEROUS haha.

I am very blessed to be selected and to represent The Ohio State University in Atlanta, GA at the 2018 AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop this May! Thank you Mr. David Harrison for the letter of recommendation and support and thank you to Dr. Cynthia Turner who is like my school mom and supports me so dearly! Florence Holland, thank you for sharing these wonderful opportunities through the LinkedIn platform! Most especially thank you to Mackenzie Keel for sending out that second RSVP email reminder that came directly to my inbox... had it not been for your email I may have missed out on this opportunity because of SPAM!! This is all perfect timing, because now I am even more pumped for my exam tomorrow!

Lesson: Please do not doubt yourself. If you know you are the, don't doubt yourself, believe in yourself. Even if you do get rejected, and it may happen sometimes because you win some, you lose some... steadfast, bigger opportunities are coming your way! Happy Monday! #MondayMotivation