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Study Abroad Trip: Hamburg, Germany

The "Momma I made it... but I'm just getting started" pose. Applied for this trip 1 day before the deadline. Reached my fundraiser goal 2 days before departure. Packed for the trip 3 hours before my flight. Was ready to go home 4 days after landing. Now I wouldn't mind staying for week 5. The full behind the scenes story of my journey is quite emotional, but here I am! BERLIN, Germany!

Day number 4 of 28 waking up in Hamburg, Germany and I STILL cannot believe I am here. I am so blessed to be studying abroad so early in my college career. Thank you to the Fisher College of Business for allowing freshmen the opportunity to study logistics and international business with the Freshman Global Lab Program!

End of trip reflection:

During May 6th - June 3rd I participated in the Freshman Global Lab Study Abroad Program in Hamburg, Germany. We studied International Business and Logistics Management at Kühne Logistics University.

In our free time we explored the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, and Lubeck. The four weeks flew by and adapting to the new setting was not as challenging as I expected it to be. Here’s a few things I learned along my journey: If you’re not lucky you may find yourself having to pay 50 cents to use the restroom, although a bottle of water was only 1 Euro, its total is 1.50 because you get charged for the actual plastic bottle, recycling will get your precious 50 cents back, when you can't swim you tend to put more effort in paddling so that your canoe doesn't flip over & etc. On a more serious note, I learned the distinction between ethnocentrism & polycentrism. Despite some hiccups along the way my biggest take away from my experience is the importance of staying positive and optimistic.

Advice: Study abroad if you can! Start early in raising funding. Reach out to family members if you need to. Utilize school resources: apply, apply, apply, for scholarships! If I can, you can too!