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How I Represent My Business School

See me featured in the Fisher College of Business video between 0:23-0:31 seconds (on desktop)!

I Visited The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business website home page and found I am pictured alongside with one of the best mentors one can ever ask for, Dr. Cynthia Turner! Crazyyy #FisherPhotoShoot

Last spring I participated in a photo shoot for my school but did not realize the actual impact it would have on my confidence! I will never forget when I walked out of my advisors office in Schoenbaum Hall and there I was on the wall! I called my mom and felt like crying. I was very excited. Then I soon realized that this now serves as a motivation to continue representing The Fisher College of Business in the best way possible. Each time I walk into the building the photo canvas serves as an encouragement to put an extra pep in my step on my way to my business classes. Feel free to scroll through some pictures featuring me in the promotion material of The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business!

Tip: Ask around at your school about how to get involved in a promotional shoot! It is a great way to become the face of a brand. Becoming a "brand ambassador" is also a great way to get involved in shoots and get your own brand out there by representing something you care about. There are real people behind the pictures you see in ads, or even on campus promo, so why not have you up there?!  :)