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My First Accounting Internship- PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

Although I have about a week and a half left of the program, I can't believe the START internship experience is coming to a conclusion. These last few weeks have flown by and I have learned a lot about myself, the company, and the people here at PwC. National training set the bar high for what was expected of the rest of the experience and I must say as the internship progressed PwC continued to surpass my expectations.

From numerous visits to client sites, to hands on projects, to free PwC gear, to engaging in online training and simulations, every step of the way it has been evident PwC invests in its people. I have met so many people throughout this experience that has strengthened my professional network. In addition, working with my two friends from The Ohio State University has helped the experience be that much more smooth sailing. Together we helped guide one another to ensure we all got the best out of the experience.

The team of mentors assigned to me also were a beneficial resource, because it was nice to know I had a go to person of contact if I had any questions. Most importantly, the client site hosts were very friendly and welcoming, and tried giving us a meaningful shadow experience. They shared their PwC story and provided a unique perspective about what it is like to be in the workforce and in their specific line of service. We were immersed in tax more than the other lines of services, because it seems to be surrounded with the most misconceptions. Prior to shadowing tax, I already ruled out tax from the line of services that interested me. However, after our tax online simulation and shadowing experiences at various client sites, I am more open minded about opportunities in tax, as tax is now in my peripheral.

I am so grateful for PwC investing in me, believing in me, and supporting me through my professional journey in the world of business. Even though I am young and have some time to explore various opportunities, I will never forget how PwC helped make my first accounting internship a memorable one! I encourage all students, especially minority students to see the efforts PwC is making when it comes to their diversity initiatives. Therefore, those with a strong interest in business should undoubtedly consider PwC in their future plans, because they probably would consider you!