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The Impact of Student Panels

My senior year in high school I applied to over 20 colleges and universities.

I will never forget my experience during that process. While I was not a 1st gen student, my parents did not have much background knowledge on the U.S. college application process. There were lots of deadlines to meet and lots of decisions to make.

I was very dependent on the many college visits and student panel opportunities I was invited to. Hearing from current students and faculty had a significant impact on my decision to attend Ohio State. For that reason, I promised myself that once I got on campus I would be involved with student panels, tours, and college visits etc. to share my OSU story with prospective students, in hopes to help their decision making process.

Last Friday, I was very excited to represent Dr. Cynthia Turner's new Project Thrive initiative that fosters a community for minority accounting students on campus. I and fellow Project Thrive peers shed light on the various opportunities The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business offers for diverse students. I hope the bright minded students we met can one day call themselves a proud Fisher Buckeye, as I am honored to do so myself!


Pay it forward by participating in student panels or maybe you prefer a different way? But, you never know how your story and journey can inspire others! So share what you can, make an impact.

P.S. Thank you Trish Jefferson for capturing the photos!