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What I Learned From Meeting the CEO of PwC

It was such an honor to meet the CEO of PwC Timothy F. Ryan today! This past summer I was privileged to witness the PwC culture during my START Internship experience. Today, I was very excited to hear from the US Senior Partner! His sincere passion about diversity & inclusion, and was very apparent throughout his speech.

I was quite nervous to ask the 1st question:

"What/Who is your inspiration?"

He named his mother as one of his inspirations. He shared several values she instilled in him at a young age, including the importance of respecting everyone and being open to constructive feedback.

Moreover, the story he shared about his son and the "f-bomb," reminded me to continue trying to be an effective role model and "lifting as I climb." You never know who is watching and how you may inspire them to either move backward or move forward.

Thank you to The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business for giving students a chance to hear from Mr. Ryan. Also, thank you to PwC for inviting me to attend the lunch with Mr. Ryan today! P.S. If you squint and look reaaaaal closely in the lower right corner you can see me featured in the most recent PwC Instagram Story!!